Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Documentary The Real Robin Hood - History Channel

Documentary The Real Robin Hood - History Channel
Before “Robin Hood,” there is “The Real Robin Hood.” Ridley Scott, director of the current “Robin Hood” movie starring Russell Crowe, produced a two-hour special for the History Channel about the origins of the English folk hero.The marauding mercenary of English folklore is one of history's best-known tales, and the legend of Robin Hood is the inspiration for more movies, radio and TV programs than any other folk hero.

But the image of a hero in tights and a feathered cap is a somewhat recent addition to the myth. In reality, Robin Hood is a composite of several historical figures whose exploits date back to the age of the Crusades. Documentary In the film Robin Hood, starring Russell Crowe, director Ridley Scott's production is based on the most solid and recent historical research into the character and promises a startlingly fresh interpretation of Robin Hood for a new generation. This special will distinguish between historical evidence and Hollywood fiction, and seek to create a realistic portrait of the mythical hero. Includes clips from the film as well as interviews with director Scott, principal Robin Hood cast members and renowned historians.

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