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Documentary Engineering an Empire The Maya - Documentaries

Documentary Engineering an Empire The Maya - Documentaries
Engineering an Empire is a program on The History Channel that explores the engineering and/or architectural feats that were characteristic of some of the greatest societies on this planet. It is hosted by Peter Weller, famous for his acting role as RoboCop but also a lecturer at Syracuse University, where he completed his Master's in Roman and Renaissance Art. The executive producer is Delores Gavin. The show started as a Documentary about the engineering feats of Ancient Rome and later evolved into a series. It originally ran for one full season of weekly episodes.

Peter Weller travels to Central America to explore the achievements of this mighty culture and to get to the bottom of its puzzling decline.
In this fascinating episode of ENGINEERING AN EMPIRE, travel to the heart of Central America to analyze evidence of the magnificent feats of classical Mayan society. Documentaries From hydraulics to astrology, architecture to mathematics, road-building to portraiture, the Maya achieved more than any other culture of the New World, and even rivaled the accomplishments of Old World civilizations.
Flourishing for two thousand years and dominating, at its heights, 125,000 square miles spanning five modern-day countries, the Maya were the pre-Columbian superpower. History Channel By the time Columbus landed, they were a disparate collection of subsistence farmers.
Where did they come from and what catastrophes caused the collapse of this innovative civilization? From the Temple-Pyramids at Tikal, to the royal tomb at Palenque, to the star observatory at Chichen Itza, this episode will examine the architecture and infrastructure that enabled the rise and fall of the ancient Maya civilization.

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